How To Personalise Your Colon Cleanse And Overcome Any Detox Symptoms

During any form of cleansing, it’s common to experience detox symptoms. You might feel sick and nauseous, experience old emotions coming up, a headache or just a general feeling like, “Ah, I feel horrible…”

Colon cleansing is a deep cleaning of the digestive tract which has so many health benefits, but at the beginning of the cleanse you may experience some detox symptoms.

Here I want to explain why it can be very normal to experience these symptoms, and also give you some advice on what you can do to help the process.

Reasons For Detoxification Symptoms Whilst Colon Cleansing

If detox symptoms happen immediately when you start our 4 Day Colon Cleanse it can be because of two main reasons.

One, it’s because there’s some serious blockage in your digestive system.

And secondly, it could be because you have a high level of pesticides, herbicides, metal toxicity or similar. The bentonite clay in the colon cleanse pulls those types of pesticides and toxins out of your body, and because the bentonite clay is so effective sometimes it can be too much, too soon for your system.

In these cases we highly recommend a couple of things:

First is to start drinking fresh-squeezed juice like apple juice, and maybe add some greens.

You can also eat apples as the fibre they contain really helps to push everything through. We also recommend cutting back immediately on the colon cleanse itself.

How To Manage Detox Symptoms Whilst Colon Cleansing

So if you have these symptoms show up immediately and it’s full-on, it’s important to cut back on the colon cleanse, drink lots of fluids, and get into some fresh fruits. Maybe do an enema to help your body expel the toxic waste faster. A colonic hydrotherapy session would be really beneficial at this stage to speed up the release of toxins.

Now a second option, if you are having these kinds of reactions, is to slow down the colon cleanser process by spreading it over a 30 day period. You can experiment with 2 servings of colon cleanse a day (along with a really fresh and high fibre diet). If you’re really backed up maybe just one serving a day for 30 days would be most beneficial for you.

Then the next time you go to do a colon cleanse you can consider the traditional 4-day process.

Listen To Your Body

The important thing here is to listen to your body. We are all so different. Some people are more sensitive than others and some people are a little more toxic, or they detox faster than others. 

The art of cleansing is all about ‘walking the fine line between going through some discomfort to get through the process, but also not putting your body under too much stress.

If you’re having minor detox symptoms, feeling a little bit nauseous or headachy for example, then first drink more fluids, go for a walk, breathe deeply, and get out in the sun. You might decide to cut back a little bit on the number of colon-cleanse servings, but you can still continue the process.

Everything that we advise on here is all about making yourself feel healthier, more energetic and just generally fantastic. The detox symptoms you may experience are a small price to pay considering how good you’re gonna feel afterwards.

Good luck colon cleansing!

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