For Women’s Health, Colon Cleansing Is Very Important

Did you know that most people are constipated? Stress, pollution, eating on the run and ignoring the first urge ‘to go’ because we’re busy and it takes toll on our health!

Some of the most common health complaints are feeling tired, headaches, bloated, acne, dull skin, rashes, painful joints, having “brain fog”, bad breath and for women - hormone imbalances.

Why Your Colon Dictates So Much About Your Wellbeing

Since our colon is the main channel of elimination to get toxins out, when it’s not functioning properly we can start to see all kinds of symptomatic responses in our body.

Talk to any holistic health expert about the first thing to be healthy and they will say to keep your digestive system clean and moving.

The colon relates to nearly every part of the body - for example, nasal tissues, headaches or chronic fatigue can all be signs that the colon is backed up.

It’s been estimated that many people are carrying anywhere from 3kg to 10kg of backed up faecal matter. Imagine how good you’ll feel after getting rid of that?!

Toxins can be reabsorbed putting extra strain on the liver and this can show as achy joints, dull or spotty skin. 

Oestrogen Dominance & Hormone Imbalances

Hormones that were to be eliminated can be reabsorbed which also puts a strain on the liver and causes hormone imbalances, leading to PMS, acne, and oestrogen dominance or low progesterone. More women than ever are suffering from hormone imbalances and one of the many areas to address is getting your colon clean and clear. If that is not the case then taking extra supplements or creams is not likely to be as effective.

Digestion becomes slow as there’s no ‘flow’. This can also lead to bacterial imbalances as ‘bad’ bacteria and parasites thrive off the environment that this backed up waste creates.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Gut health is related to brain health. It’s not uncommon for people to experience brain fog, mood swings or even light depression, only to see these things disappear after they’ve done some thorough colon cleansing.

There are literally so many knock on effects. When you think about how the body works and how everything is linked up it makes so much sense that taking care of your colon health and cleansing it regularly is a bit of a no brainer.

Our 4 Day Colon Cleanse is an effective way to scrub away years of built up waste, toxins, parasites and whatever else is happening inside of you that shouldn’t be there.

It’s an ancient tried and tested formula. No harsh herbs are used. You’ll be left feeling less bloated, more energised and mentally clearer.

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