Dr. John Demartini

Human Behaviour Expert

Dr. Demartini is an absolute MASTER & is someone that I have been fortunate to be learning from since I was in my 20’s.

He came into my life when I was really trying to come to terms with some things that had happened during my childhood.

He taught me about quantum physics, that we live in a perfectly polarized reality (for every perceived positive there is a perceived negative), about the balance and order that exists in this universe and how to really become a master of my own life by taking responsibility and ownership.. How to collapse certain situations to help me see the benefits as to why something has happened and come back into balance.. Not be a victim but rather be a victor of my own life.

Dr. Demartini speaks on a wide range of topics, from health to wealth to relationships to business success and I highly recommend ANY wisdom he shares (especially the ones below!)

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