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As fans of making everyday wellness as simple yet potent as possible it just made sense to start a ‘subscribe & save’ club where you get your favourite everyday wellness products for cheaper, plus have one less thing to do on your to-do list, and know that you’ll be looking after yourself with the best quality wellness products! Triple win!


This way you are getting the best price, and you’ll always have your favourite Heal Thy Self Wellness Products on hand.

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Heal Thy Self Colon Cleanse
$49.99 AUD
Sale Off
Organic Greens - Heal Thy Self
$49.99 AUD
Sale Off
Heal Thy Self Raw Food (Snack Pack)
$18.99 AUD
Sale Off
Wholly Trinity- Heal Thy Self
$159.97 AUD$129.99 AUD


How Do I Access My Account To Update My Subscription?

Can I Pause My Subscription?

Yes, subscriptions may be paused for one month at a time.

If you need your subscription to be paused for longer, you'll need to log in again next month to pause your subscription again (repeating until you are ready to receive your order, up to 3 months).

To ensure subscription changes are received by our warehouse, these will need to be done 72 hours notice to when changing subscription.

Can I Change The Products Each Month?

Yes, you can change the product/s month to month through your customer account that is created when you start a subscription with us.

Can I Change The Products Or Frequency Of My Shipments?

Yes, you can edit your subscription as many times as you'd like! From within your account you can adjust the products you're subscribed to, as well as the frequency of shipments. You are in complete control!