Hayley Weatherburn

Thriving with Nature

Hayley is my go to person when it comes to all things Mother Nature!

Hayley is a Nature Whisperer consulting in Regenerative Gardening and is passionate about understanding the deep functions and “relationship web” of plants, soil, microbes, fungi, animals and humans.

It’s with this ever growing wisdom that she is now on a mission to share with those who want to live a life much more integrated with Nature, and simplify growing their own food and becoming more self-sufficient.

Hayley’s experiences include building a Regenerative Farm in Bali, Indonesia, on top of her ongoing studies in the worlds of Permaculture Design, Syntropic Agroforestry, Soil Advocacy and the Soil Food Web.

With the knowledge Hayley has learned over the years, she truly believes that we can live in a world that has healthy vibrant humans, a wildlife that is thriving, our climate recalibrating, and nature regenerating.

She is someone that I really listen to for ways that I can align with Mother Nature and live a more woke life - if you have a green thumb too, check out her community below xx

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