The Morning Process

Have you ever seen a happy, contented gardener? They’re usually down on their knees in the soil, lovingly tending to their plants - checking each leaf for bugs or mold, pulling off dead branches, smelling the flowers and really connecting with their garden.

And of course they’re talking to the plants as well.

Now I’m not going to tell you to talk to your plants, but while you’re tending to your garden, this is what’s happening on a microbiological level.

As you touch each plant, walk through the soil and spend time with the garden, at a microscopic level you are communicating with your Living Supplement Garden.

It is learning about you through the composition of your sweat, the tiny pieces of dead skin which you shed, your hair and the oils in your skin.

To assist this process I do The Morning Process which is a beautiful ritual of rinsing myself with fresh water while I’m standing in the garden.

As the water passes over my body it carries with it tiny particles of skin, sweat, minerals, oils and some of the healthy microbes which exist on everyone’s skin.

These particles are received by my Living Supplement Garden, educating the living processes in the roots and soil which guide the plants to create a specific nutrient profile which will be in harmony with my body.

I am effectively becoming a part of my garden by spending time with it every day, and my garden is becoming a part of me by learning about my body composition and adjusting its soil chemistry and microbiome.

The best time to do The Morning Process is at sunrise. Simply wake up, hop out of bed and head straight into the garden to spend time with the soil, the leaves, the flowers and the plants.

Gather some fresh water and pour it over your body so that it runs off into your Living Supplement Garden.

As you do so you are building your connection with nature. Over time I guarantee this will be the best start to your day you can possibly imagine.

If you’re keen to learn more ways to connect with Nature then join me in my Community of people learning to Thrive With Nature.

Each month I’ll share insights and understandings from my research into permaculture, syntropic agroforestry, biodynamics and the incredible connection between soil, nutrition and the foods we eat.

I’m here to help you Thrive With Nature.

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Hayley Weatherburn

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