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As you already know by simple observation - we are all built differently! Different body weights, heights, bone structures, muscle definitions… the list goes on. One only needs to look around to see how true this is. But why are we different? If you study any other species they are mostly all the same shape and size; after all, there are no fat elephants…

But what makes us so different from the animals? Is it our thinking or simply our biology? And why do we all know about exercising and diet and have access to endless science on what is supposed to work, but one thing doesn't work for everyone? And why have we noticed that everyone has a unique lifestyle preference, but just written it off for some kind of psychological reason?

Have you ever wondered why there are a million different diets that we just can't seem to agree on? If you’re like me, you have probably been stuck in confusion, stress, ill health and weight gain on a seemingly never-ending cycle of failed attempts to experience the bliss of living and moving in a strong and healthy body.

It doesn’t take long to realise that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to being healthy, looking good and feeling great, but there are so many diets, exercise plans, mindfulness techniques and wellness methods out there that it can be tough to know what’s right for you. The reason for this is your genetics - and genetics can influence our different personalities, geniuses, talents, etc.

I am now here to share with you the untold secret of how to activate your genes, and it has to do with the discovery that we all have unique genetic body types.

Genetic scientists have confirmed that your unique genetic disposition built into your DNA determines what diet allows your body to thrive, what movements are best for you to maintain a fit body and what lifestyle factors count for your vitality and happiness! The answers are now available in this scientific system - aka your personalised “human user manual”.

Many of us resign ourselves to the supposed fact that it is because we are getting older that generic diets and health protocols no longer keep us healthy. We may feel defeated because we have been doing “all the right things”, and yet our health continues to fail. We think that with age naturally comes weight gain and declining health, but it's not entirely true - it is actually because we are unknowingly working against our genetic types.

When we know our unique genetics, there are things we can do to activate these genes to allow our vitality to flow.

In this article I will reveal the 6 genetic body types and how knowing yours can be the key to unlocking what your body needs to thrive. Knowing this about your body will have you remember when it was easy - when you didn't have to overthink everything - and give you the certainty you need to succeed again. You will know how to open your personalised human user manual and activate your best body state and bring ease and flow back into your life! This will allow your body to feel like it did when you were younger - before the weight issues, before the stress, before the confusion! You will learn how to take all the things you are already doing and put them into the proper order of priority - throwing out what isn’t needed - so that you get the results you are seeking.

If you want to know why a diet might have worked for your friend but not for you - keep reading. If you want to know why certain exercises only worked some of the time but regardless of your best effort don't work anymore regardless of your best efforts - keep reading.

If you want to prevent a lifetime of guessing and start assessing based on your unique body type… keep reading, and pay careful attention because what you are about to discover could change everything for you.

Why It Matters To Know Your Health Type

Knowing your Health Type is the powerful first step in your personalised human user manual and the key to bringing all of your previous practices and progress together in the most life-changing way.

Your Health Type is 100% unique to you. It’s actually a fancy name for your biological source code that connects with your genes, influences your organ function, determines your hormone levels and emotions and even communicates with your mind.

Because there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, many of us do have similar (yet unique) features and functions that can be categorised into Health Types - just take a look around at how some of our bodies can be similar (some hold fat and are larger-boned, some find it hard to gain muscle, etc).

Each Health Type falls into 1 of 6 regions on a chart that we can collectively refer to people sharing similar biology and physiology!

The exciting part is that we can now access our Health Type by groundbreaking, non-invasive testing to reveal the ideal time and way each of us needs to eat, move, live, love, play, think and thrive to be healthy and happy based on extensive data and research!

Below I will give you a quick breakdown of the 6 Health Types and start helping you to unlock the understanding of your unique codes.

As your mind and body develop together we find the biological reasons for needing different food, exercise, lifestyle and overall daily function. Understanding of what we need and why we all vary becomes the epiphany of mastering one’s best health.

This report will address the traits of each Health Type, giving insight into who you are and unlocking the ways that stress will express itself in your biology.

How Do I Discover My Health Type?

Your physical and behaviour traits might leave clues, but the only way to know your unique Health Type is to assess your specific disposition. 

Here I will share the genetic Health Types that can give you some idea of where your codes might fit and reveal some of the common things that might have challenged you in your body type!

If you want to jump ahead and go straight to professional assessing, then read more below and book your FREE level 1 Genetic Assessment.

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