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Healthy Self

Our Story.

The Heal Thy Self Movement has been at the forefront of holistic health for the last decade with the core driver being to empower people when it comes to self care. Everything from nutrition to mindset to emotional wellness and healthy relating, we’ve been sharing it.

We saw that people were really hungry for this kind of information that that by creating a community or a hub for all the wisdom we’d been privy too was going to create a beautiful ripple effect of change in people across the world.

We’ve always believed that the way forward is to come together in community. It’s always being about connecting people – to their health, themselves, and each other.

We have been doing this by sharing unique messages from leading wisdom keepers and experts that have the ability to help humanity grow and expand. We’ve weaved this into our TRiBE community, training Heal Thy Self Coaches, live events and online publications and through these mediums sharing tools for people to truly transform their lives.


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I can really recommend this colon cleanse!I find that it is such a simple and straightforward way of cleansing my body. All I do is take this mixed with some water. Sometimes I add blackstrap molasses or maple syrup for flavour but other times I have it as it is.I also like to leave mine to thicken up before having it because I feel like I am having more of a meal then.Highly recommend this product!


Highly recommend a colon cleanse!!!! I’m feeling much much better, energetic, and healthy again!!! Got some parasites out and I don’t even eat meat anymore.

- Tara Young