Your Personal Investment In Healing Your Relationships

I want you to stop and take a moment to visualise your most ideal relationship. Do you notice a discrepancy between the quality of relationship you are currently involved in and your dream relationship?

Once you have decided that you are ready to step into that version of yourself that’s creating the atmosphere for a relationship of that calibre to take place, it’s time to really get clear: Why are you here?

What is it that you'd love to learn? What's the number one thing you want to experience in a relationship?

Write it down and hold that intention going forward..

Because I'm going to teach you transitions that allow you to dissolve codependent cycles, heal relationship anxiety and transform your trauma bonds, understand where your triggers are coming from, how to stop repeating the past and how to heal unusual chronic health symptoms.

Want to skip right to the best part?

Dr. Nima Rahmany helps people who are stuck in toxic relationships, experiencing career limbo, or dealing with emotional trauma overcome their anxiety and create powerfully aligned relationships by deepening their connection with the most important person of all: themselves.

Talk to Dr. Nima and his Team here.

Your Personal Investment

First, you have to decide - you have to commit - that you are ready for a change that begins with you. You have to know for certain that you are ready to show up for yourself and understand that healing relationships is not an intellectual process - it’s an emotional one.

Number one, you have got to pick up a mirror and go inside, drop the labels and put an end to the blame game.

Number two, you have got to decide and act and invest like you're worthy and deserving and see possibility.

Number three, you have got to stop just talking and start learning how to feel and how to get into the body.

And number four, you have got to take your focus off of the other person.

The common belief is that we need to find someone that's easy - “someone who doesn't trigger me”. Mm hmm.

I beg to differ.

The truth of the matter is, you can delegate your weaknesses in your business and career to someone else.

But in a relationship, we must work on them ourselves.

That’s right - your partner doesn't exist anymore.

Put all of your focus on becoming trigger-proof.

And every single trigger that you have within your current relationship, it's never about what it's about.

It’s vital to realise that you're taking you with you everywhere.

You could even move to another continent, you're still taking you and all of your attachment wounds and disconnections with you.

And everybody experiences you very similarly - that's a huge responsibility, right?

When you turn the focus back into yourself, you start to understand the patterns that got you in there in the first place.

These transitions are so powerful that your relationships begin to improve, and even your health improves.

And so it's very beautiful to watch.

That's really what happens when you make these transitions.

And the very best part of that is that you develop understanding.

You also become authentic - you can be real in front of people.

You look in the mirror and say, “I love you”, and you get to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma that didn't actually begin with you.

You will have the step-by-step guide that you need to create these healthy, secure relationships that feel really nourishing - because you never really had it modelled to you.

First, put down the magnifying glass and pick up a mirror.

And stop trying to talk your way out of feeling problems - get out of your head and get into your body.

Heal from that numbness, essentially, and become trigger-proof and learn the art of conflict and nervous system regulation.

The Time Is Now

So what I'd love to ask you right now - and go ahead and write it down somewhere you’ll read it again: What's been your biggest takeaway - your biggest insight - and why is that important to you in your current situation?

And, what action steps are you going to take moving forward?

You said you wanted to move forward, so what specifically do you want to move forward?

Really get clear so that you can create the most magical relationship that you've always wanted - not just with your partner, but with your children and everybody around you.

And stop trying to do it alone.

Because these are scary things that come up, and when we dissociate it's really important to have a guide bring you back into yourself.

Podcasts and YouTube are helpful, but actually you need accountability in a community to make the relevant transitions and strides towards where you really want to be.

Because let's face it - nothing else is more important, and you can end the cycle with you.

So for those that are actually inspired to move forward and actually take action, I’m prepared to meet you and create a container of transformation.

We will talk about understanding the difference between various parts of your nervous system and how to self regulate them, bringing yourself from a frozen and numbed state into a connected space so you can create love and connection, and understanding what your values are and how to pinpoint the values of your children and others around you.

You don’t have to do it alone.

But you must decide that you actually deserve it, act like you deserve it and invest like you deserve it.

Ready to advance into the next phase of your life?

Dr. Nima Rahmany helps people who are stuck in toxic relationships, experiencing career limbo, or dealing with emotional trauma overcome their anxiety and create powerfully aligned relationships by deepening their connection with the most important person of all: themselves.

Talk to Dr. Nima and his Team here.

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