Your Touch is the Most Powerful Healing Tool

My name is Daina and I'm a body relationship coach.

I’m excited to share with you about how to relieve low back pain and gain movement without having to stretch.

I love sharing what I've learned and am continuously learning from both my mentors and coaches, and from my experience.

I'll be taking you through some movements and providing some tools and little tricks that help with lower back pain.

So, I'm not going to say don't ever stretch; I have mentors and coaches who will say don't ever stretch, but what I want is to empower you with the knowledge of other ways of doing things so that you can experience it for yourself - then you can decide whether stretching is something that helps you or hinders you.

Even though the stretching can make us feel good at first, often the next day we wake up with back pain - again.

Injuries, Beliefs And Emotions

First off, I want you to think about what your feeling is about your back pain and what's behind it.

In fact, you can take a moment to write down your beliefs and to draw a simple picture locating points in your back where you may experience pain.

There are many books describing the energetics and the emotions behind body pains - they all have wonderful ideas on what's causing discomfort.

It could be stress, worry, fear or something else.

The back supports us and keeps us erect, and the low back normally relates to fear and worry around money. And fear is associated with the kidneys, which act as filters in our bodies.

So, there could be a fear of a lack of discernment.

Fear, scarcity, worry around money - what else?

Even just thinking about the fact that you want to exercise but can't make the time to prioritise it - being so “up in the head” and disconnected from the body can exacerbate low back pain.

Sometimes when muscle tension is present, stretching it out isn’t actually solving the core issue behind the tension - often they just rebound back to being tight.

This is the idea around why we will try not to stretch a muscle, because we actually want to release it.

We can release a muscle in tension by activating muscles that need to be activated, and applying some gentle pressure on the tense muscle, and then talking to the body saying, “Hey, I've taken up the slack. You can relax now."

We can actually use some touch - our fingers and hands are the best self-care tools you'll ever have in your life.

Are you tight in your chest? Do you feel tightness when your shoulders roll? Has it been like that for ages with a plethora of reasons?

You've had the world on your shoulders, you've been carrying children for however many years, there's stress and you're trying to protect yourself from receiving any blows that are coming from behind you, you're hiding your heart because you've had it broken before, or you're hiding your grief.

Would you like to work with me 1:1?

Hi - I'm Daina Kahu. I am a specialist in Lymph Drainage, Human Movement and a lover of the human experience.

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Daina Kahu

Founder of Kahu Method

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The Kahu Method melds modern science with ancestral wisdom and the body’s evolutionary experience to provide you with an effective movement practice that is FUN, PLAYFUL, FEELS GOOD and gets you the results you want!

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