Who We Are

Heal Thy Self Collection is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle. 

We create products that are designed to be core parts of your day to day life and help you feel like you're thriving. For years we’ve been sharing the importance of eating well, exercise and emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. The products we create for you are supportive tools for that kind of lifestyle. 

There are many milestones in our brand. We definitely started small but with a lot of passion. Things grew quickly though. We ran retreats in Bali for over a decade, and people on the retreat would ask for our Colon Cleanse and Raw Food packs after experiencing their magic. We had a really small production then so there would literally be waiting lists of people that we’d then send products out too! 

Not long after this we stepped things up. Back then there was really a huge gap in the market for natural wholefood freeze dried powders. Everything either had loads of synthetic ingredients or whey protein. Enema kits were also horrendously hard to find and often flimsy and “one use only”. In response to this we decided to extend our range and introduced our Enema Kits, Heal Thy Self Greens and Berry Blend and we spent a LOT of time in product development trying and testing our many things.

The products you see in our store today are our stars that have been refined and improved over the years and the firm favorites of our wonderful community. 

It’s no secret that we are undergoing HUGE planetary shifts right now that really require us to prioritize our health. Stress depletes us of nutrients and can create an acidic environment in the body which is not healthy. Our Heal Thy Self Greens and Berry hit will nourish our organs and alkalise our body. Whilst the Colon Cleanse and Enemas will help you to release toxic waste so you can live feeling lighter. 

This is really the time for us to step up and take our health back and we’re here to help. 

Everything we create is health and life giving, nothing chemical or synthetic, and it’s all hand packed in our Australian warehouse in Melbourne. We’re a small family run business and proud to support you in your health.