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Me & My Journey In Life..

Many of you know me quite well, but I’m not sure if you know my full story.

My journey as a single mum, a successful entrepreneur, a global connector and lover of small dogs has rarely been easy, but somehow I don’t think that’s the point…

So here is a deeper cut from my life. 

Perhaps you might see aspects of yourself in my story. 

Perhaps you might be inspired. 

If nothing else, I hope that you take advantage of all the tools and resources I have collected on the way so you don’t stay stuck for as long as I did trying to work it all out!

“I’ve always built tribes.

Had an eye for an opportunity.

Brought people together to help us all succeed.

I’ve always been a self-starter. 

Unafraid to give it a go

It’s in my blood. It’s in my DNA.”

I started work when I was 12 doing stuff at my sister’s hairdressing salon. 

At 15 I quit school, continued working, and paid my way through beauty therapy school. 

Once qualified, I lived up in the Hunter Valley so Beauty therapy was mainly weekend work, and during the week a friend started doing mortgage broking and talked me into trying it out.. 

I ended up training as a mortgage broker at the same time I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki. 

I could see the truth of what Robert was saying and I was determined to understand how money worked. 

It was the perfect inspiration to motivate me to get into property, so I started to investigate real estate. 

I attended a property event and applied to be part of a group of 20 people to be mentored in property investment Part of the application process was to write a journal for 30 days about overcoming your greatest fear. 

My greatest fear was public speaking (I’d rather someone push me off a cliff than ask me to stand up in front of a group of people and speak). In spite of my fear I made myself join Toastmasters, wrote about it all in my journal, and because of that I was chosen to join the mentoring program. 

I had a lot of success in property between Australia and New Zealand, doing just under $50 million in sales. For a woman in her mid-20s that was pretty cool. 

At this point I was noticed by Roger Hamilton, a world famous entrepreneur, and invited by him to help him roll out his line of cafes and preschools in 5 different countries. 

I moved to Singapore to join him, swapping the ups and downs of entrepreneurship for the safety of a regular job. 

However I didn’t last long… I remember getting my last cheque for $50,000 from my property days and thinking “what the f#*k! have I given up?”

So I quit working for Roger and went back to Australia where I was headhunted by a firm who wanted me to sell property for their firm. 

At this point, I’d been to India, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, London, Australia and New Zealand. 

I knew a lot of investors, and I could see what information they needed to make a good decision to invest. 

Unfortunately, I can’t stand corporate so I quit the firm and over the weekend, while I was wondering what to do next, my friend Therese told me about a guy named Don Tolman and his seminar on natural health. 

I was blown away by his vast knowledge across subjects like natural foods. how the body can heal itself, and how children learn at the speed of sight when allowed to learn naturally vs the school system. 

I had recently finished helping Roger so I strode up to Don and said “why aren’t you in other countries? You should be speaking in London, Singapore and all over America. What do you need, and how can I help you?”

He was a bit blown away by my enthusiasm so I said “I think I want to come to America to see how I can help you spread your message”. 

Don said “OK” and then he mentioned “You should really meet my son”.

Don has 11 children so I was like “which one” and eventually I found out it was Tyler Tolman. 

I message him on Facebook we chatted a bit and then I kinda forgot about him because I was deep into personal development land, reading books like the Celestine Prophecy, The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior and studying many of Dr John Demartini’s programs. 

With the last of the money I’d saved from my real estate days I went to Houston, Texas to study with Demartini and then continued to Utah to meet Don Tolman to discuss how to promote him and his business.

Of course, Tyler was also there…

As fate would have it, Tyler and I quickly became very close.

A friend invited Tyler and I to see him in LA to help him shed some of his 400 pounds.

As we successfully coached him back to health we created the products necessary to restore and maintain optimum health based on the natural principles of healing.

Suddenly we had a business!

At this stage we were living on friends' couches (sometimes sleeping in our car!) networking in LA and starting to do really well until my visa for the USA was rejected and I had to head home to Australia. 

It was in Australia where Tyler and I started all over again, driving a camper van up the East coast and building our networks, creating our health product lines, running events with Don Tolman and meeting amazing healers such as Chef Cynthia Louise. 

Eventually, we ran a juice fast event for Tyler which went really well, so we decided to go even bigger based on the success of that first event and it turned out to be a flop due to some flash floods in QLD. 

So there I was - one woman trying to run an online business, a retreat, and also did I mention I was pregnant? I was pregnant. And I needed help. 

I also knew that I was not going to receive or be able to afford the kind of support I needed while living in Australia. 

So I said to Tyler “We need more bang for our buck. We need to go to Bali and run our events”.

Neither of us had lived in Bali before but I was following this strong intuition and there was no way I could ignore it. 

Leaving on a wing and a prayer, we moved to Bali when I was 6.5 months pregnant and it was where I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Seaenah. 

For the next two years I went into monk mode. 

I was consumed by being a new mum plus building out the 3 business centers (events, products and online programs), creating the systems, the strategy for an online community of thousands of people eager to learn and understand these principles of natural health.

Together we created health-giving products and supplements, ran world-class live events, produced online programs and built an incredible business based on conscious health and natural principles of healing.

Many of these products are still available right

We did millions of dollars in sales and met many of the best teachers in the world as they shared their knowledge in the fields of natural health, personal development and spirituality. 

I’ve always been a connector. 

If I look back at life through my 20s and 30s I can see how much time I’ve devoted to connecting people to opportunities which increase their health, their wealth, and often both!

As I learned how to scale our conscious health business from 6- to 7-figures I started to help other healers do the same. Beginning with Chef Cynthia Louise we built her brand, her offerings and helped establish her on the trajectory she is on today. 

I’ve since done this for many other healers.

I have an intuition for their unique pathway to success, and I developed a blueprint for this formula based on my Three C’s of Commitment, Clarity and Consistency. 

In following my guidance, numerous healers have worked with me to take their businesses to new heights, reach more people, share more of their products and services and positively impact the world. 

I continue to offer intuitive coaching for transformational leaders, healers and soul-centred business owners through my brand Starr Management. 

But it seems like life contains both fortune and misfortune at the same time - at least that’s the way it has worked out for me. 

While riding high on my business success, in the space of just a year my marriage to Tyler dissolved, the business took a hit, my mother died, then my father died, and suddenly I found myself as a single mother going through her Dark Night Of The Soul.

I went through an extended period of grief for all of these relationships, and thank God I still have my daughter because she is the most precious thing in my life.  

During this time I hit rock bottom. 

I spent nights sobbing on the floor. I spent days feeling overwhelmed, confused and unable to make decisions. 

And in the small moments of clarity I found three things that helped me get through: People, Products and Programs. 

I reached out to my People and continued to nourish the community I had built around me. 

I kept asking myself questions like “how do I heal my relationship patterns”, “how do I heal trauma”, and “how do I nourish my body so I can make it through this?”

I found the answers in Programs and courses run by people like Dr Nima - a relationship expert, Nicole Phoenix Starr - an ordinary woman who was called to become an ordained Hindu priest, and Daina Kahu - a military fitness trainer who now embraces the power of playfulness and mindful movement.

I also nourished my body with Products - supplements, cleansing packs and essential oils - committing to using them every day so that my body would have the nutrients it needed to support me through my grief and trauma and out to the other side. 

Today I have a fierce desire to help women and men to overcome their own challenges and restore themselves to a life they love. 

I’ve learnt so much over the past two decades about life, about love, about healing on all levels, and I can’t just sit here and not share it with everybody I could possibly imagine. 

If just one thing I know makes a difference in your life - if it helps you repair a relationship, remove your symptoms or avoid a crisis in the future, then I feel compelled to share everything I know. 

I’ve put all of this knowledge, and the most influential People, Products and Programs into something I now call the Heal Thy Self Collection.

It’s there to support you if you’re going through a challenging time (and let’s be honest - that includes most of us these days). 

If you’re dealing with trauma, grief, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or lost, if you’re seeking to create better relationships in your life, to realign your spiritual compass or simply live the life you know is possible, you’ll find something that will help you within the Heal Thy Self Collection

Today I am blessed to still be living in Bali, bringing up my beautiful daughter and continuing to connect people with the resources they need to heal and thrive in their business, their health and their relationships. 

I’m guiding businesses through the transition to Web 3.0, I’m helping healers build and scale their brands, and I’m giving as much away as possible to help people - especially women - navigate their own Dark Night Of The Soul to come out clear and connected to their higher self again. 

If you’d like to connect with me and my journey you can find me on IG, or sign up for my email list where I give insider tips on everything I’ve learnt that will help you succeed in any area of your life. 

If you’ve read this far then thankyou - you now know quite a bit about me, and I hope our paths cross someday in the future. 

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