It’s Your Time

To Shine.

I work with entrepreneurs, soul-centered teachers and

transformational leaders to take their message to the world.

What I Do?

✓ Clear the confusion

✓ Craft your offering

✓ Clarify your next steps

✓ Plan out your marketing

✓ Create a blueprint for your

     6-to-7-figure business

My Success Stories

About Starr Management


If you’re reading this message you’re already part of an exclusive group of people who chose Rachelle to help enhance their business, their life, and the world around them.

Rachelle has helped struggling entrepreneurs to clarify their vision, outline the path and ultimately create multi-million dollar businesses. 

She can do the same for you.

But she only has time for a very small number of people.

Work with Rachelle and benefit from her years of business experience, her intuitive understanding and her golden heart.

Why struggle trying to work it out by yourself when you can be guided by an experienced, loving, intuitive coach to find your unique pathway to success. 

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