Plant-Based Love Stories Cook Book

97 plant-based gluten free recipes that feed you nourish and support everyone around you all the way back to the soil in which it springs from.

  • 97 real food recipes that make you feel good.

  • 8 sections in my new cookbook (Breakfast, lunch, dinner).

  • Beautifully crafted, lavishly illustrated cookbook that feels heavy in your hand but light in your heart.

  • Contains recipes that are important for a healthy heart.

  • Jump start plant-based eating with easy to follow recipes with ingredients easily available in your local supermarket.

  • Tips and resources for the plant eater, wanna be plant eater and future plant eater

  • Romance-filled 97 gluten free, refined sugar free and plant based recipes

AUD $49.00 - Digital Copy

AUD $59.00 - Physical Book

Why You'll Love This


This is not just a story about food.

It’s not just a collection of recipes either. It’s about how different life tastes when you’ve learnt to love yourself.

Beyond the stories the wellness industry tells you, beyond the diet fads, beyond the complicated nutrient calculations, there’s somewhere you can always return.

Somewhere you can always call home. It’s called Nature. Chef Cynthia Louise has found home.

It’s in her body. It’s in her recipes. It’s still beating after two open heart surgeries. And it’s in the beautiful words you’ll find in this book. Words that will share a little of her journey. Some of the people she’s met. The people whose lives have changed through her cooking.

And the recipes that lie beneath them all. Along the way you’ll learn how much farmers love soil.

You’ll meet Balinese mums who cook on the floor. And you’ll learn about flashtags, -isms, and all the wonderful things that make Chef Cynthia Louise into the passion and the presence that she dishes out every day from her kitchen.

These are plant-based love stories.

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Chef Cynthia Louise

Plant-Based Chef

Chef Cynthia takes all the guesswork out of shopping, cooking and eating the RIGHT food - when you realise how simple it is to create nourishing, plant-based recipes (and btw - you can STILL EAT CHOCOLATE CAKE) you’ll never look back.

Processed foods contain a multitude of harmful ingredients which make it hard to lose weight, remove inflammation and get your energy back.

Join Chef Cynthia as she takes you through easy, delicious recipes which are simple to prepare yet packed with nutrition, health providing everything your body needs.

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