Can You Build Muscle On A Plant Based Diet?

There’s still a lot of concern out there that if you’re not eating animal protein, you can’t ‘create’ muscle in your body. 
If you want to put on muscle in a fast but unhealthy way then protein shakes full of MSG and other nasties will do that. That’s why traditional bodybuilders eat meat five times a day and take protein powders to put fats into the muscle.
However, if you want to maintain a level of health and longevity, just google “plant-based bodybuilders”. There’s hundreds of them, probably thousands, that are building really amazing physiques and doing it from a much healthier perspective.
So how do you actually do it?

#1 High Intensity Interval Training and Intermittent Fasting

Now, building muscle is all about putting in the work. So what builds muscle?
It’s actually doing the strength training and dynamic movements that builds muscle. That is what will boost testosterone and human growth hormone.
There’s a study that recently came out that showed high-intensity training in conjunction intermittent fasting boosts human growth hormone by 2000%.
That means if you go out and do a bunch of sprints or burpees or swim as hard as you can – anything that’s pushing as hard as you can for short periods of time (20 to 30-second high burst and then rest), and you do that about six times over – this radically increases human growth hormone and testosterone, which is going to make it a lot easier to build muscle.
If you did alternate days of high-intensity training and some form of strength training where you’re really hitting muscles to the point of fatigue to build muscle you would see a difference for sure.
Secondally, it’s all about having the right amount of nutrition.

#2 Amino Acids

Beans, peas, hemp seeds, nuts and seeds are actually really high in protein. These are really great plant based proteins and eating a wide range of this in balance is the best option.
So what’s the nutrition we’re looking for to build muscle?
Most people say straight up that protein is the most important nutrition. But really it comes down to the amino acids. The highest form of ‘bioavailable’ amino acids in the world is a little sprout called alfalfa. It’s a complete protein that has more bioavailable protein than anything else.
And guess what? Alfalfa is the main component in Heal Thy Self Greens!
It’s interesting to know that just having some Greens can build muscle, because it’s providing your body with the highest amount of bioavailable amino acids on the planet.
Bioavailable refers to how our body absorbs it assimilates it. 
If you eat the highest form of amino acids and proteins (like alfalfa) in the form of a green drink, it comes into your body, it goes into the small intestine, and your body can literally grab those amino acids, put them into the blood and take them to all of my muscles and start to feed your muscles these proteins and building blocks.
Whereas if you eat something like a steak or chicken, it takes a lot of energy and a lot of hydrochloric acid to break down that protein.
A lot of the protein becomes denatured from the cooking process, and it’s not actually bioavailable. So when someone eats a steak, it takes a lot of energy and there’s a lot less bioavailable protein. The protein is still there, but it’s going to take a lot of energy to absorb, and it’s going to produce a lot of acids during the process.
So by drinking something like Heal Thy Self Greens, there’s so many benefits - alkalising the body, getting amino acids and super efficient to assimilate. 
Whereas eating meat takes a lot of energy, uses a lot of hydrochloric acid and a lot of acid is produced.
To summarize, building muscle takes a lot of work. You have to be committed to the process, get a personal trainer or workout partner and look at your diet and nutrition so that you don’t develop chronic fatigue and major digestive conditions and other types of issues that a lot of bodybuilders deal with.
For the longevity side of things, plant-based building muscle is definitely the best way to go. Check out our Heal Thy Self Greens to get started.
Thanks for reading :)

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