3 Easy Ways To Boost Self Care Over Christmas🎄

3 Easy Ways To Boost Self Care Over Christmas🎄

It’s a magical and crazy time of year. Most people are spending time with family, doing a little bit of partying and having a good ole’ time.

Often the lead up to Christmas can be so demanding and stressful that if you’re not taking care of yourself you can easily end up exhausted, drained, and just not that much in the festive season.

So we thought we’d share 3 tips that make ALL the difference in having a chilled out Christmas

#1: Hydration

Hydration is SO important to make sure all the vital functions of your body keep working the way they’re supposed to.

Scientists who have studied the functions of the human body recommend drinking one liter of water per 22kg of body weight each day. It’s a lot more than most people consider drinking! If you weigh 60kg that’s about 3L of water, and if you weigh 80kg that’s 4L of water!

Over Christmas we may be indulging in more coffee and or alcoholic beverages and that further dehydrates us and increases the need for water. 

Drinking water might sound simply - but there are tips and tricks to make sure that water is being absorbed and really hydrating you deeply. 

The best time to hydrate is first thing in the morning. When you first wake up, drink as much water as you can because this gets the digestive system working, sends fluid into your joints and helps to detox and rehydrate your system from the day before.

Adding salt is also a game changer (not any salt remember! Needs to be unprocessed like our Heal Thy Self Salt.

When you’re properly hydrated you’ll also be less prone to stress eating.

#2: Walking

Life is movement. Moving our body helps to get things flowing, relieve stress and being out in nature is a great adrenal system reset. 

Going for a good 45minute walk is the best way to clear your head and get your circulation flowing, plus sweat out toxins. If you’re in Australia, especially now it’s summertime, it’s the perfect time to go for a big walk, sweat it out and breathe deeply while you’re walking. If you’re in the US, put on a thick coat and jumper—something that will make you sweat and get out there. Fantastic.

Doing at least a 30-minute walk in the morning will give you more energy and reduce stress. (It could also be a good excuse for some much needed alone time over Christmas!) It’s such a simple exercise, yet it does SO much for your body. Your digestion is going to move faster as well, which is great if you’ve been eating a little extra in the lead up to the holidays. 

#3: Soak in the bath...

There’s something about soaking in a bath that seems to melt all the days' stresses away. Simply start running the bath and add a cup of our Mineral Soak and your favourite essential oils and you’ll feel relaxed in no time. Bath’s don’t take that long really, set a timer whilst the bath is running whilst doing other things, then submerge yourself. Even a 5-10minute soak is going to feel amazing. If you don’t have a bath, do this with a medium sized container to create a lovely foot bath.

These three simple things will help you to stay positive and keep going, even when you’ve been pounded by alcohol or party food.

I hope they help you these holidays.


If you do end up worse for wear and want to support your body with a beautiful fresh juice or water fast, or a delicious raw food cleanse, please check out our cleanses section for lots of ways to detox and nourish yourself in the new year...

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