Young Living Tranquil Essential Oil Roll-on Blend

Young Living Tranquil Essential Oil Roll-on Blend

Di Shalevski l Heal Thy Self With Oils Team Di Shalevski l Heal Thy Self With Oils Team
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If you have never tried Young Living's Tranquil Roll-on Blend before, I encourage you to do so because this is one blend that works for me every time, and unless you try it for yourself you’ll never know if it’s the one for you too!

We’re pretty blessed to have many go-to’s for times when we’re feeling anxious, stressed or we’re lacking peace in our day but the thing is, not everyone responds to oils in the same way, so whilst one oil may help one person, it may not help another. 

This is why it pays to try different oils until you find what works best for you personally. 

Tranquil is really true to its name. I use it when I am feeling overwhelmed. Some days when my plate is overflowing and I feel stuck in a state of procrastination because I don’t know where to start first, I take a deep breath and inhale Tranquil. 

Tranquil includes Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile. It also has some fractionated coconut oil so it’s perfectly diluted and ready to be used on either children or yourself. 

You can simply apply to your neck, wrists or temples whilst taking a few deep breaths. With the calming effects of Lavender, the grounding power of Cedarwood and the balancing magic of Roman Chamomile, you will be able to calm those nerves and feel a little more in control of your day. This beautiful blend will help to calm your mind and take the charge out of any negative emotion. 

The scent is a little sweeter than you’d expect, you can definitely detect the lavender, but with the Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile it is such a delightful sweet fragrance. I am personally not a huge fan of Lavender on its own, but this combo is really beautiful!

This month, Tranquil is part of the Essential Rewards promotions, so when your order reaches 250PV you will receive a 10ml roll-on for free! 

If you use it and it works for you, we’d love you to share it in the group with the others. When we share, others can benefit from our experience! 

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