Sugar Body Scrub Recipe | Young Living Oil DIY

Sugar Body Scrub Recipe | Young Living Oil DIY

Heal Thy Self With Oils Team Heal Thy Self With Oils Team
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The Sugar Body Scrub is what we made in our latest Melbourne Oils Club. It is super simple and also makes a great gift. 

Follow the recipe below to make one for yourself or your loved ones!

What you will need: 

  • Jar with a wide mouth so you can pop your hand in to scoop out. We used one that was 375ml. 
  • Organic Raw Sugar (can also use an organic fine salt) 
  • Carrier oil: Olive, Sweet Almond, V6, or a fractionated Coconut Oil (approx ¼ cup)
  • Essential Oils: Any of the citrus oils, Lavender, Peppermint, Australian Ericifolia, etc. 


  • Fill jar ¾ full with the sugar
  • Add approx 15 drops of essential oils (my fave is Grapefruit & Lavender) 
  • Slowly add approx ¼ cup of the carrier oil slowly stirring until it reaches the bottom. I use a wooden icy-pole stick to stir. Close the lid and give it a shake. 

You can use this every day in a shower or bath to exfoliate and moisturise your skin.

Give your skin that love and attention it deserves!

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