YLO Online Events

YLO Online Events

Heal Thy Self With Oils Team Heal Thy Self With Oils Team
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Free Education!

A reminder to everyone, particularly our new members, that the amazing Diane Shalevski has 4 recorded webinars that may prove useful if you're looking to learn more about Young Living products. Check our Online Events below!

1. Young Living Family - learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils with your family, including your children.


2. Essential Oils 101 - Learn all the basics of essential oils so you can use them safely and effectively every day.


3. Wellness Essential Oils - Learn the therapeutic benefits of 13 of Young Living’s essential oils so you can use them to support everyday health and wellbeing.


4. Healthy Homes - Learn all about why you should ditch those toxic chemicals and use Young Living's Thieves home cleaning range.


YLO Online Events

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