Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub | Di's Product of the Month

Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub | Di's Product of the Month

Di Shalevski l Heal Thy Self With Oils Team Di Shalevski l Heal Thy Self With Oils Team
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Years ago I did not know about Thieves, I used Ajax cleaning powder to clean everything from the kitchen sink to the laundry basin. I used it to clean the grout in my tiles, the spa bath, and the shower. I remember it being so effective and even though I struggled with the fragrance and that powdery residue it left on my fingers, it was all I had to use so I covered my mouth with a face washer and got on with it!

It’s been a long time since I’ve used Ajax, and I remember when I first learned about the carcinogenic ingredients I was mortified. When I went hunting for a better solution, I have to say I was disappointed as there wasn’t much to choose from.

That is, not until now. I am very excited to share that Young Living just released the Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub. I am equally excited to share that it works just as good as Ajax if not better! 

Unfortunately, Ajax and many other household cleaners are packed full of petrochemicals, from the base benzene cleaning agent to the petroleum-derived alcohol, preservatives, acrylic additives, dyes, and fragrances, it’s literally all petroleum.

The label is packed full of health warnings and poison control info and for good reason! Nobody light a match!

The trouble with using a product like Ajax is that we’re not just using one chemical in isolation, the ‘total body burden’ that the Environmental Working Group warns us about comes from the concoction of chemicals from not just this one single product, but everything else we’re using in our home and exposed to on a daily basis.

Exposing yourself to a product like Ajax is just going to increase your risk for all kinds of illnesses. Petroleum-based ingredients toxify the blood, burden the liver, disrupt our hormonal system and impact our kidney function.

Just like the entire Thieves range, the Kitchen & Bath Scrub is formulated with totally plant-based ingredients that come from the earth. Just take a look:

  • Nepheline syenite: A naturally occurring mineral responsibly mined in Canada, nepheline syenite is formed from molten magma and is similar to granite. It provides the scrubbing power to remove tough stains without scratching.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: Commonly known as baking soda, this powder helps remove odors and gently cleanses.
  • Sodium percarbonate: An effective, safer alternative to chlorine bleach, this ingredient releases oxygen to lift stains and dirt.
  • Citric acid: This natural ingredient helps tackle tough hard-water surface stains.
  • Thieves essential oil blend: Thieves is a Young Living signature blend that features purifying essential oils.

I have used it to clean my kitchen sink, my spa bath, and my shower and it is brilliant. I encourage you to try it and see for yourself! It costs $24.75 and be warned that it is highly concentrated so you just need the smallest amount to clean a large surface!

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