Young Living Master Formula Essential

Young Living Master Formula Essential

Heal Thy Self With Oils Team Heal Thy Self With Oils Team
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Master Formula Essential is a nutrient-rich complex providing micro-emulsified vitamins and minerals along with food-based nutrients from a fruit juice blend. Containing added vitamins and minerals, Master Formula Essential is great when you’re on the go to optimise wellbeing. Pre-packaged sachets are convenient for when you are on the go and hassle-free.

Features & Benefits

●    No artificial flavours

●    No artificial colours

●    With micro-emulsification for better absorption

●    A liquid multivitamin delivered in single-serve sachets

●    Source of energy in the form of carbohydrate; great for use before, during or after sustained strenuous exercise

●    Concentrated fruit juice blend with b vitamins

Formulated With

●    Ginger essential oil, Lemon peel essential oil, Tangerine essential oil. 

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