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What a JOY!

A few years ago, I was introduced to Young Living Oils. I felt the need to try them and started my journey of becoming a YL member. I used the oils a lot around the house for various things. 

At the time I used and loved Chanel No 5!

I had no intention whatsoever to change to oils as my perfume.. 

For over 10 years Chanel had brought me so much Joy and made me feel so feminine. I actually vividly remember the day I bought my first bottle.

The thing about perfume is it must be the right scent. And it must marry with your sweat. YES, sweat. The scent of No 5 suited my sweat and I was married to her.

As time went on I learned a lot about the most important organ that we have; OUR skin. And in particular, what we put on our skin. 

All those tiny little sweat particles and odors that we produce all play a vital role in connecting our brain and our immune system. 

When we spray fake and (usually) expensive perfumes on that organ we are sending signals to the brain. And those signals don’t support our immune system. 

This posed a quandary for me as I felt so much love for Chanel No 5 and had so much Joy in owning and wearing this iconic perfume.

And then I found JOY.

Joy...what a word. When I google the meaning, this is what comes up:

JOY: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness......

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would find a scent that would suit my sweat and also allow the largest organ my SKIN to be able to do what it's designed to do. 

And that is to be able to breathe with ease and JOY

Tip: I use a roll-on as a top for my JOY bottle.

I carry it in my bag like I would my small Chanel No 5

Every time I roll on my JOY, Every single human that has contact with me responds with "OMG what perfume is that?!"

This is the perfect self-love perfume!

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